DokuWiki is a wiki application. It is written in the PHP programming language. It works on plain text files and thus does not need a database. Its syntax is similar to the one used by MediaWiki.

Let’s see how to install DokuWiki in Softaculous.

1) Find DokuWiki in the menu.

2) Go to Install.

  • All the defaults for these options should be fine for most purposes, but we’ll take a look at them anyway.
  • If you have multiple domains on your account, you can choose where to install DokuWiki.
  • The next two box allows you to set the directory name which should not exist on the server yet.
  • Set the Wiki Name and ACL Policy, whether the wiki should be Open, Public or Closed, here. These can be changed later from the software’s admin panel.
  • Enter a usernamepassword, real name and admin email for the admin account.

3) Click Install.

After a moment, the software will be installed.

4) Use this link to view your newly installed application.

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