If you installed a new script and are getting the 500 error trying to load the page please see this document first as you might need to turn register globals on. The syntax generally follows this format: phpconfigValueToOverride = value. The most common PHP value you need to set for many of the scripts that we offer via fantastico is register_globals. To enable register_globals you simply place this in your php.ini file: register_globals = On. Conversely, you can turn off register globals: register_globals = Off. 

Perform the following:
  • Login to your cPanel account by going to www.yourdomain.com/cpanel. 
  • Click on the 'File Manager' feature under 'Site Management' menu
  • Select the public_html folder icon and navigate to the folder that you installed the software to. 
  • Click 'New File' and then type php.ini, click 'Create a new file'. 
  • The file should now show up in the list of files, click on the name of the file, then click 'edit' on the top right menu and copy and paste the following line into the text file: register_globals = On 
  • Click save and you should now be able to refresh your webpage.
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