To change Centova trial license /add new Centova license key please follow the steps below:

First, install the new centova license key, in place of your trial license. For that,  use the following command to replace your key:

  echo "LICENSE_KEY=your-license-key-here" > /usr/local/centovacast/etc/license.conf

Make sure to replace 'your-license-key-here' with your actual license key.

Delete the current license information already stored on your server by running the following command:

rm -f /usr/local/centovacast/etc/license/license.key

Restart Centova Cast:

/etc/init.d/centovacast restart


/usr/local/centovacast/centovacast restart

And finally, use the following command to update the web interface:

/usr/local/centovacast/bin/ccmanage cronjob --job=pollhosts --force

If you don't see any error messages, then you have successfully installed your new license key.

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