Install the Sentora Web Hosting Control Panel on Centos/Ubuntu


  • You MUST have setup DNS for the sub-domain that will be assigned to Sentora panel PRIOR to install.

Once logged in SSH console as root, use this command line:

bash <(curl -L -Ss

 If you have issues with curl you can try to copy and paste this command (for CentOS):

yum install wget -y && cd /tmp && wget && bash install

Alternatively you can do it manually:

1) Login to your server as root user:

sudo -i

2) Ensure you are in your home directory:

3) download the installer


4) Make the installer executable
chmod +x install

5) Run the installer
sudo ./install

6) Follow the on screen instructions during the installation.

7) Return to user level ( or reboot server )

Post install:

All passwords are saved in file /root/passwords.txt

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