How do I connect Windows VPS using Remote Desktop

Windows OS:

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection.

  1. - OR -

  2. Click Start -> Run.

  3. Type mstsc in text box and hit Enter Key.

  4. Enter your Server’s IP Address and hit Enter Key.
  5. Enter Login Details
  6. MAC OS:

    1. To connect to your Windows VPS or Dedicated server from Mac OS, you can use CoRD. You can download CoRD from following URL:

    2. Once CoRD is installed on your Mac system, open the program.
      1. Click on the Servers icon and then click the + icon to add a server to the list.

      2. Enter your Server’s IP Address. [If RDP is configured on non-standard port i.e. any other port than 3389 then you will have to mention your VPS-IP-Address:Port Number e.g.]

      Linux OS:

      1. You can use open source client rdesktop for Linux in order to connect to your VPS from any Linux distribution. You can download rdesktop client from the below URL:

      2. Once you rdesktop is installed in your Linux system; fire following command in Terminal:

        • rdesktop VPS_IP_Address................................(If RDP service is configured on default port) OR
        • rdesktop VPS_IP_Address:port number ..........(if RDP service is configured on non standard port)
        • Enter your VPS Username(administrator), password and click on Right Arrow button.
    Note: Remote Desktop Connection is only available for Windows VPS or Windows Dedicated Servers. If you are Shared Hosting user, you can not connect to the Hosting Server.

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