How to Create WHM Accounts/Master/Alpha in Zamfoo ??

1. Login to your WHM

2. Click on Add Package

3. Create a Package for Reseller/MasterReseller

4. Click on Zamfoo: Master Reseller/Alpha Reseller (based on your package)

5. Click on Set/Remove Master Autogrant (If you are alpha reseller and want to create master reseller than you will click on this link under master reseller section if you are alpha reseller or master reseller and want to create simple reseller than you will click this link under reseller section)

6. Choose package from top list and press auto grant rights button from left column

7. Now go to Create New Account in WHM

8. Fill up the form choose the package which you created and autogranted

9. Press Create Account button

10. You done it.

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