$18.00 USD

Plesk Installation
The plan provides our Plesk experts assistance in areas such as control panel configuration, access restrictions, basic service management, QMAIL, POSTFIX, firewall configurations etc.
$2.00 USD

Plesk to Plesk Migration
Our team of Plesk migration experts perform various pre migration checks and takes necessary steps to avoid any compatibility issues due to version difference or custom settings across the Plesk servers involved.
$4.00 USD

Non-Plesk to Plesk Migration
Our team with its abundant experience in Plesk server administration ensures you,a trouble free account migration from different control panels to Plesk through proper execution.
$14.00 USD
Server Monitoring
Ucartz with its dedicated monitoring support team offers 24/7 server and service monitoring with instant response to your Plesk server alerts around the clock at highly affordable price.
$102.00 USD
Plesk Server Migration-Homogeneous
Our Plesk server migration schema performs verification, installation and configuration of destination server parameters to make it ideal with the source server for a trouble free migration.
$156.00 USD
Plesk Server Migration – Heterogeneous
Readily availability of experienced Level3 admins in corresponding technologies enables them to carry out non-Plesk to Plesk migrations with minimal or no performance impacts.
$80.00 USD
Plesk – 24/7 Server Management
We provide 24/7 server monitoring and server management for plesk server using Linux/ Windows OS's for any versions with high level of professionals competency and customer service practices.
$80.00 USD
Plesk – 24/7 Helpdesk Support
We offer transparent helpdesk support for your web hosting clients through a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge in Plesk and webhosting support with guarenteed response and resolution time.
$50.00 USD
Plesk – Server Hardening
Our team of Plesk server administrators performs regular, continuous server performance monitoring and security vulnerability evaluations to resolve them for an uninterrupted service delivery.