$4.00 USD

cPanel Installation
Ucartz provides expert assistance for the initial setup of cPanel servers. Also help in setting up cPanel clusters, tweaking of server and services for performance improvements.
$4.00 USD

Non-cPanel to cPanel Migration
Account Migration
Non-cPanel to cPanel
$14.00 USD
Server Monitoring
24/7 cPanel Server Monitoring
$102.00 USD
cPanel Server Migration – Homogeneous Installation
Our team of cPanel migration experts with the support of DevOPs ensures trouble free cPanel server migrations with minimal downtime through proper planning, execution and testing methodologies.
$2.00 USD
Account Migration - cPanel to cPanel
This cPanel migration plan covers migration of hosting accounts, addon domains, reseller account, custom application data from a source cPanel server to another cPanel server.
$156.00 USD
cPanel Server Migration – Heterogeneous
Team Ucartz with its team of migration specialists backed with certified technology experts in various control panels, ensures trouble free migrations across various control panels. Migrations involves different control panels such as Plesk to cPanel, DirectAdmin to cPanel etc.
$51.00 USD
cPanel – 24/7 Server Management
This 24/7 cPanel server management plan offers Server Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Unlimited Server Administration , Server optimization, cluster setup, cPanel support etc. at affordable price.
$80.00 USD
cPanel – 24/7 Helpdesk Support
Ucartz with its cPanel certified technical support team offers highly competent webhosting technical helpdesk support with guaranteed response and resolution time. Experts and professionals are available for 24/7.
$28.00 USD
cPanel – Server Hardening
Ucartz with its solid experience in security operations, provides expert assistance to secure your cPanel server to provide a secure, stable and robust hosting environment for your clients.