How to migrate all CloudLinux settings to another server?

To move LVE and packages limits, just move the /etc/container/ve.cfg file to a new server, and then run # lvectl apply all

If any modifications were made to CageFS - move the /etc/cagefs/ file, and/or /etc/cagefs/conf.d directory to a new server and run
# cagefsctl --force-update && cagefsctl--remount-all

For PHP-Selector - move the /etc/cl.selector directory and run:
cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector

To restore user's settings from PHP Selector, please refer to this KB entry: 

Basically, custom PHP settings migration plan is next:

  • restore user home dirs
  • remove all cagefs\selector directories with
    rm -rf /var/cagefs/*/*/etc/cl.selector
    rm -rf /var/cagefs/*/*/etc/cl.php.d
  • regenerate them with
    cagefsctl --force-update-etc


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