How to install htop on Alpine Linux using apk?

Let us see all steps and command in details.


Alpine Linux install htop


Let us search for htop package using apk command:

apk search htop


Sample outputs:



htop package

Run the following command:

apk info htop


Sample outputs:

htop-2.2.0-r0 description:
Interactive process viewer

htop-2.2.0-r0 webpage:

htop-2.2.0-r0 installed size:


Install htop


Finally, type:

apk add htop


How to use htop command

The syntax is:

htop [options]


One can use a monochrome color scheme, run:

htop -C
htop --no-color


Want to see the tree view by default when running htop? Try:

htop -t
htop --tree


Let us see only processes of a given user named vyga:

htop -u vivek
htop --user=vivek
htop --user=nginx


Limit and show process for only the given PIDs:

htop -p PID
htop -p PID1,PID2
htop -p 1342
htop -p 7435,1367


How to get help about htop

Simply type:

htop --help
man htop


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