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We offer you the easiest & quickest way to set up & run your internet radio station today! If you're thinking of Creating an Online Radio Station (Shoutcast/Icecast). Then we have got you covered. Ucartz provides various control panels required to set up your Internet Radio Station. With us, you can try CentovaCast Hosting, SonicPanel Hosting and Azuarcast Hosting and get millions of listeners to your Internet Radio worldwide. 


Internet radio hosting services give you access to many features to help you grow your internet radio station. All of our Radio hosting platforms allow you to manage your audio content and create a customized listening experience for your audience—reliable and secure radio stream hosting services at affordable prices.


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64 Bit Rate
Unmetered Bandwidth
160 Listeners
Unlimited AutoDJ Space
Price: $3 monthly $2 only


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If you already have a Large number of listeners for your Internet Radio and required dedicated resources , we also offer Shoutcast Dedicated Server