• Thursday, June 17, 2021


Can I use Ucartz servers for cryptocurrencies mining?


Bitcoin is usually the first thing that comes to thought when we imagine cryptocurrencies. While mining, we mine coins such as Bitcoins, Dogecoin, the proof-of-stake theory for Ethereum 2.0, or plotting and farming Chia. For all of the above requirements, we need a server in one manner or another. And for the same, we get numbers of inquiries to use our VPS, Dedicated Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers. 



Bitcoin Mining (and similar) 

Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems; these problems are so complex that they cannot be solved by hand and are complicated enough to tax even powerful computers.


As a result, mining bitcoins and any other coins are generally not recommended on Ucartz VPS or Dedicated Servers. It is prohibited on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as this consumes higher CPU resources, causing issues for the other users residing next to you. You can mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on our product lines with dedicated resources like Dedicated Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers. However, we don’t suggest that too because your possibilities of victory are meagre. The proof-of-work notion is tilted toward big mining pools, as the coins are awarded to the first one to solve the block. So, unless you can be the first, all your computing power does not yield coins, and all your investment in servers are waste. 


Other Types of Mining 

We at Ucartz, regularly observe to adjust to the new developments in this space. But our principles remain unchanged since we want all our clients to have a good experience, so any mining that makes you a noisy neighbour is not welcome. Other than these, you are welcome to do whatever you want with Ucartz computing instances.



What About Paying with Bitcoin or Other Crypto? 

We don’t have plans to start accepting Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies as payment in Ucartz. The main reason is the volatility of most coins, which means that we would have to adjust the prices multiples times a day. 


We hope you do better understand our concerns and move eventually.